Past Performance

Colorado State University (CSU)

Sprague can do minimum floor removal while protecting surrounding assets when performing an interior lift. The interior concrete floor lift at the Lori Student Center was performed during summer break. The student center was ready for use before the students returned to class in the Spring.

  • Start Date: 08/06/20
  • End Date: 08/08/20
  • Value: $23,636.77
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request


McWhinney leases multiple office spaces in Northern Colorado. Our most recent project was and interior lift in an office building. Since down time was not an option, we performed the work on a Friday evening when the office was closed. By Saturday morning the office was back up and running. Zero down time means zero lost profits and zero upset customers or tenants.

  • Start Date: 10/21/22
  • End Date: 10/21/22
  • Value: $17,970.21
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request

Linda Write

Sprague can also provide expert services to residential customers. Mrs. Wright has a large property which includes a commercial sized barn. Erosion of the soil below the concrete slabs in the barn had caused cracking and unlevel flooring. We lifted and leveled the concrete inside of her barn sealed off the joints and cracks to prevent further erosion and damage to the soil below. Additionally, we lifted and level some exterior concrete walkways to eliminate trip hazards and damage to here snowplow equipment.

  • Start Date: 10/24/21
  • End Date: 10/29/21
  • Value: $38,375.54
  • Contact Phone: Provided upon request